Power transformer

.Large power transformers up to 1000 kV AC and power ratings up to 1000 MVA
.The design and rating of tertiary windings and coupling arrangements are adapted to customer’s requirements
.Autotransformers up to 1000 MVA and voltages up to 1100 kV
.Generator step-up transformers up to 1000 MVA

  1. Ultra-high-voltage technology  .

    .We can produces from 110KVA to 1000KVA converter transformer

  2. Robust technology

    . Our engineering team being one of the best in the world. With over sixty years experience.  Prides itself for its technolgy of superior thermal , dielectric strength. and mechanical strength under seismic, short-circuit and various transportation conditons. 

  3. Sophisticated technology 

    . We satisified varied need of customer in 20 countries.

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