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China XD Group Corporation, directly supervised by SASAC, is a manufacture and technology research enterprise specializing in complete sets of power transmission and distribution equipment. Established in July of 1959, XD Group was based on 5 of the 156 National Key Industrial Projects in the first Five-Year-Plan Period and develops into a conglomerate with scientific research institutions and backbone enterprises as the core. In half a century's development, XD Group has established the largest and most influential complete-set equipment research and manufacturing base to provide HV, EHV, and UHV AC/DC power transmission and distribution equipment. A pioneering electrical conglomerate integrating scientific research, development, manufacture, trade, and finance, XD Group wins the national Labor Day Honorary Certificate, ranks top on China Top 500 Enterprises List, China Top 500 Enterprises of Manufacturing Industry List, and consecutively ranks first in China Top 100 Electric Industries. Several scientific achievements are honored with the National Science and Technology Progress Reward (Special Prize, First Prize, and Second Prize). XD Group has a total asset of 36.1 billion yuan. XD Group is organized into over 60 wholly-owned enterprises and holding enterprises, including a listed company (China XD, Stock code: 601179), a state-level enterprise technology center and engineering laboratory, and three national testing centers. XD Group establishes 3 independent companies to specialize in import and export, domestic marketing, and financial businesses. Total employees are more than 2.000, over 2,900 are engineers and technicians, more than 740 are senior professional technicians, and 40 experts enjoy the State Council Special Subsidies. As the most representative enterprise in China power transmission and distribution equipment manufacture industry, XD Group has provided services and complete sets of power transmission and distribution equipment in several national key engineering projects, such as the first AC Power Transmission Project, the first DC Power Transmission Project, the Three Gorges Dam Project, West-to- East Power Transmission Project, UHV and EHV DC Power Transmission Projects, and UHV and EHV AC Power Transmission Projects etc. On global market, XD Group offers cutting-edge technology, reliable products and optimal services in more than 50 countries and regions, making XD。 an iconic brand in international market and winning globally admired reputations. The energy industry revolution in the world today is marked by new energy exploration and application. Facing the future, XD Group will seize the opportunity, implement the strategy of upgrade and transformation, and establish an independent IP brand, competitive, and top-ranking global electrical enterprise.

Changzhou XD Transformer Co. Ltd. (hereinafter shortened as XDCB) is subordinate to China XD Group Corporation which is the only State-owned Enterprise in China power transmission and distribution industry. XDCB is a national designated transformer-type product manufacturing enterprise (state-holding), National High-tech Enterprise, China EHV/UHV Transformer Manufacture Enterprise, CNAS Accredited Enterprise, Jiangsu EHV/UHV Transformer Engineering Technology Research Center, Jiangsu Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, Jiangsu Power Transmission and Transformation Equipment Industry Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance President Member, and the only enterprise in Eastern China Province capable of producing 1000kV transformer for AC power transmission and transformation and 1100kV converter transformer for DC power transmission, as well as a pioneering enterprise in Changzhou power transmission and transformation industry. XDCB was established in 1958, formerly known as its predecessor, Changzhou Transformer Factory. It's located in the center city of the Yangtze River DeVita, Changzhou, historically known as "Famous City of Eight Counties, Capital-adjacent Town in Middle Wu State". Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Shanghai-Nanjing Highway runs across the city and the Level I Open Port, Changzhou Port, is available for water transport. XDCB has a self-built railway exclusive line to directly connect the Beijing-Shanghai Railway and builds China's largest 800 tons transformer special wharf to connect the Yangtze River. The register capital is 823.7 129 million yuan and current employees are about 1.000, more than 70% of whom acquire junior college degrees and college degrees. XDCB mainly produces 110 KV to 1000 kV AC transformer, t50 kV to +1100 kV converter transformer, 35 kV to 330 kV special transformer, and large transformer for ultra-high-capacity nuclear power stations, ranging from 11 series and more than 400 types. Independently researched, developed, and manufactured products are available in 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in China, as well as in more than 40 countries and regions across Europe, South America, North America, Australia and South East Asia. XDCB covers an area of 320,000 m? currently has 2 dust proof standard workshops in the 40.000 m2 UHV production line and the 18,000 m2 EHV production line, with the maximum listing capacity in each reaching 900 tons, the 16,000 m2 transformer oil tank manufacture workshop, and equipment and faults for large and super-huge transformer R&D and manufacture. XDCB conforms to the production condition to manufacture +1100 kV DC converter transformer and 1000 kV UHV AC transformer, and the production capacity fills the need of producing 1500 MVA/500 kV three-phase single-body transformer. The annual production capability reaches 80,000 MVA, making the domestic AC/DC transformers meet the needs of voltage capability. nuclear power station construction, and large-capacity product export. XDCB has great competitive opportunity and regional advantage in producing DC converter transformer and high-end reactor product could maintain its domestic lead in a longer period, and could better full the needs for super-huge transformers in domestic UHV grids construction and in coastal-area nuclear power stations, thus playing an important role in China power grid upgrading and level-up. As China XD large transformer manufacture base and sea transportation hub in the south of China, as well as XD all-series products easter China operation and maintenance service center, XDCB has depended on the powerful Group-Level E(U)HV Power Transformer Design and Manufacture Platform, has introduced, integrated, assimilated, and acquired the E(U)HV transformer research, development and manufacture technology, quickly moving forwards and joining the rank of China E(U)HV transformer research and development. XDCB successively supplies hundreds of sets of high-end AC/DC power transformers for China UHV Power Grids, "West-to-East Electricity Transfer", "North-to-South Electricity Transfer". and the construction of 20 power transmission passages of great distance, large capacity, and cross region, China's first UHV power transmission technology "Going Oversaw---"Brazil Belo Monte" +800kV DC power transmission project, as well as "Xinjiang Changi-Anhui Guiuan' +1100kV UHV DC power transmission project, which has the world's highest voltage class, the largest power transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance, and the most advanced technology. This marks that the XDCB production lines have stable manufacturing production capacity, reliable technology standard, and excellent product quality. XDCB promotes the home-manufacturing process of UHV DC power transmission equipment, vigorously supports the national electric power business development, and completes the successful transition from "Made in China" to "China Leads". XDCB will undertake the corporate mission of "manufacture exceptional products, equip electricity industry, and serve the society". uphold the core value of "people oriented, scientific development, pursuit of excellence", bear the enterprise spirit of "honesty, proficiency, highness, vision", and perform the business ideal of "quality first, honesty based". Our commitment is to achieve the prosperity of China heavy equipment manufacture industry and make new contributions to the development of China transformer industry and electricity industry.

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