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The first 330kV vehicle transformer was successfully developed


A few days ago, the three -phase three - wind-cooling non -inspirational voltage of the three -phase three winding of Western Electricity, the largest voltage level and the largest capacity of Western Power often changed.

This product relies on Shaanxi Yulin 330KV Haojia Vehicle  Substation Project, which is a key project of the State Grid Shaanxi Provincial Electric Power Company of the Year. It aims to provide convenience for the 330kV substation over -date equipment rotation and replacement load to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the 330kV power grid equipment. Since the car transformer needs to be directly installed on the full hydraulic 10 axis car board provided by the owner, the total weight of the loading is about 200 tons, coupled with the long transportation road, and the difficulty of synchronizing the car board and the traction vehicle must be repaired. Western Power often changes line surveys, scheme design, barrier -discharge, and transportation procedures in advance with the transportation unit. Detailed formulation of safe and reliable transportation solutions, and carried out a 2 -day car board load before returning debugging to ensure transportation for transportation The reliable operation of the equipment provides a solid guarantee.

The smooth shipping of the first 330kV car transformer product marks new breakthroughs in Western Power's often changing research and development technology, which provides a strong support for enterprises to further expand the market share of the car. The debugging and investment laid a solid foundation. Western Power often takes this as an opportunity to achieve a new high in the development of marketing with the determination to overcome difficulties, and help the group's "Three -Five -Five -50 Ten billion" high goals with actual actions.