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The first ajustable reactor on loading was successfully developed

     Recently, the BKSFT-50000/150 three-phase loadable and adjustable shunt reactor was passed all routine test and type test at once, which project belongs Informasi Harga of Indonesia. CHANGZHOU XD TRANSFORMER CO.,LTD. (CHANGZHOU XD) undertake the project. This product is one of key export project of One Belt, One Road strategy of CHINA.  It is the first time that CHANGZHOU XD successfully developed loadable and adjustable shunt reactor and also the first loadable and adjustable shunt reactor in China XD.


Loadable-adjustable shunt reactor have the characteristics of fixed reactor and magnetic controlled parallel reactor, which can make graded reactive power compensation. Loadable-adjustable shunt reactor is more advantage than fixed reactor in flexibility and adjustability.  Meantime, it is more reliable and cheaper than magnetic control shunt reactor, which can help to promote the application of load fluctuations in a balanced power grid.

Loadable-adjustable shunt reactor can achieve adjusted stepwise of 24.5mvar-50mvar capacity. During the process of design and development, through study and analysis electromagnetic parameters of leakage magnetic field, excess loss and voltammetric performance, it provides convenient and practical engineering calculation methods for product structure and performance. Based on the former development experience of electric reactor and combined with the feasibility technical solutions related this product, it runs comprehensive design and calculation analysis and optimization, which has important theoretical significance and engineering application value for improving the performance reliability and quality of the electric antibody

               The successful development of Loadable-adjustable shunt reactor not only enhances the design and research capabilities of new products of CHANGZHOU XD, but also increase the competitiveness in the adjustable reactor market, which can provide a solid basis for developing high-voltage parallel reactor market in the future.