HVDC converter transformer

ZZDFPZ-587100/500-1100: ±1100kV、single phase 587.1MVA
ZZDFPZ-587100/500-825:±825kV、single phase 587.1MVA
ZZDFPZ-396830/500-800: ±800kV、single phase 396.83MVA
ZZDFPZ-400400/500-600:±600kV、single phase 400.4MVA
ZZDFPZ-415000/500-400:±400kV、single phase 415MVA
ZZDFPZ-415000/500-200: ±200kV、single phase 415MVA
ZRDFPZ-375000/500-400:±400kV、single phase 375MVA


We offers a wide range of dedicated High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) systems that enable efficient and reliable transmission of energy over long distances and interconnect networks with different characteristics and frequencies. GE is an expert in the design and manufacture of HVDC converter transformers with sophisticated insulation and thermal structure. Ratings include 587.1 MVA and voltage levels up to 1100 kV